Sunday, 27 January 2008

Who should be helping access to happen? Part 2

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Intermediaries and brokers

  • Intermediaries may help with access. For example, access to justice through the law.

  • Brokering is where people such as advocates put people with learning disabilities in touch with other people who can help them gain access to what they want. it is individuals that make a difference, rather than systems.

  • Access can be helped if you can find friends and can build a network of people who are willing to help people with learning disabilities talk to the people they need to talk to in order to gain access.

  • Life history work shows that while some access issues get better and some go on and on, what has always made a difference for families over 80 years is individuals - particularly people they meet who open doors for them.

Natural support

  • Support from friends and colleagues can be more valuable than support from professional workers.

  • Natural support could be people you travel on the train with, people you work with, friends you make at school or people you meet in the pub.

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