Sunday, 27 January 2008

Concepts of Access: What did we find out?

Access is a common word, and so you might think it would be easy to define. Indeed some of our seminar participants came up with definitions to try and help our thinking:

Access is the opportunity to use something or enter a place. It is important for people with learning disabilities to gain access to things in order for them to feel like they belong. [Rebecca Pockney]
When we talked about “access” in our seminars, there was a lot to talk about and understand. Our discussions focused on six key questions:

1. What kind of access do people with learning disabilities want?
2. What is involved in getting access?
3. How and why is access denied?
4. How and why is access achieved?
5. Who should be helping access to happen?
6. How do we improve access in the future?

In this blog, we will now tell you a bit more about what we discussed for each question.

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