Sunday, 27 January 2008

What kind of access do people with learning disabilities want? Part 1

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Access that is real

  • People with learning disabilities want to be able to make real choices. They want to have all the information they need to make those choices.

  • Sometimes professionals see barriers to access, that should not be seen as real barriers.

  • It is a challenge for professionals to make access appropriate and meaningful. Some professionals have the skills to do this, others will need support.

  • We can tell the difference between real access and access that is not so real. For example being given a job but not being paid a proper wage.

Access that is meaningful

  • People want access to real jobs, jobs that match their skills and interest. They don’t want just any old job.

  • At School there is a danger that we will focus on doing well in tests and not on what people with learning disabilities have really learnt.

  • We like to experience things (for example, at museums and heritage sites) that mean something to us. We like to experience things that have a link to the real world.

  • At college, people want access to a curriculum that is personalized to them, where they have control and choices.

Access that is provided as normal or standard practice

  • The idea that 'special people' need 'special teachers' and ‘special equipment’ can be a barrier to gaining access to an ordinary life.

  • It is not right that sometimes in order to get access you have become a “special project”.

  • It doesn’t always feel right when access is understood by others to mean having to make a special effort to get ordinary things.

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