Sunday, 27 January 2008

How do we improve access in the future?

Group of people asking questions

Building Bridges and Bonds

  • We need to help people with learning disabilities build their social networks and personal contacts.

  • Co-operation is needed, where we all work together to get the things that we have decided together are important to us.

Getting the balance right

  • We need to get the balance right between control (safety) and risk.

A role for interdependence

“People need people, they open doors”. [Rebecca Pockney]

  • Autonomy and independence does not mean that you should not need other people or get help from them. It can be very lonely trying to doing everything yourself.

  • We need to find out how we can work as partners with people with learning disabilities, so that we support and learn from one another. For example, in the Nature Corridors for All project participants with learning disabilities were able to work with school children to help them learn about the local nature reserve.

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