Sunday, 27 January 2008

How and why is access achieved? Part 1

Someone nodding to yes
Being willing to try new things

  • Access is about trying new things, which may mean being brave and taking a risk.

  • Taking a risk is about doing things differently. This means you might look silly or get things wrong. But this does not matter because taking a risk gives us dignity and makes us feel that we are worth something.

  • We need to help people manage risk rather than avoid risk.

  • Taking a risk, might involve letting go. For example, when parents of people with learning disabilities “let go”, so that they can live independent lives.

Being creative

  • Being creative means seeing challenges, not problems.

  • If one approach doesn’t work – ‘try another way’.

  • Money makes things possible, but it needs to be used wisely and creatively.

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