Sunday, 27 January 2008

What kind of Access to people with learning disabilities want? Part 3

Access that is permanent or long-term: Jeremy’s story

I was at college, doing a gardening job for the Borough Council. I got paid for this. Then I got moved, although I did ask Services if I could stay as I enjoyed it so much. They said No.

[1] found me employment with the Borough Council, with a salary, funded for a year. This was a gardening contract. When I left the area, Glory found me another gardening job. I had to start at 7am and was taken to a house to cut the grass. This was for a trial period of one week and it did not last.

Glory then got me a job, which I got paid for. I had an interview, got the job and started on the Monday. The job I was given was to cut the grass which was on a very steep slope which I had difficulty with. I was then given a different mower and asked to cut the flat areas, which I managed fine.

On the Wednesday of the same week, Andy from Glory came to tell me “they didn’t want me any more”.---This left me hurt and upset.

[1] Not the real name of the agency

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