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Concepts of Access: Acknowledgements

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Funders and Organisers

The Concepts of Access Seminar Series was funded by the Economics and Social Research Council and organised by Melanie Nind and Jane Seale from the School of Education at University of Southampton.

Seminar Participants

1. Ginette Aird, Bracknell CTPLD
2. Richard Aird, Barrs Court School
3. Chris Abbott, Kings College, London
4. Ann Aspinall, Home Farm Trust
5. Dorothy Atkinson, Open University
6. Janet Badger, British Institute of Learning Disabilities
7. Allan Bennison, Nature Corridors for All
8. Alec Bennison, Nature Corridors for All
9. Phil Bayliss, University of Exeter
10. Bernadette Beresford, Connect Advocacy, Gosport & Fareham
11. Phyllis Black, Skill, National Bureau for Students with Disabilities
12. Bryan Blackwell, Nature Corridors for All
13. Drew Bradley, Choices Advocacy, Southampton
14. Dora Bjarnnason, Iceland University of Education
15. Gary Butler, Saint George’s Hospital Medical School
16. Jean Cash, Nature Corridors for All
17. Robert Cash, Nature Corridors for All
18. Tsitsi Chataiki, University of Sheffield
19. Henry Cirino, Community Access Team, Southampton
20. Veronica Clancy, University of Exeter
21. Judith Clayton, Choices Advocacy, Southampton
22. Mabel Cooper
23. Mark Devlin, Bracknell CTPLD
24. E.A Draffan, Nature Corridors for All
25. Jackie Dundee, Connect Advocacy, Gosport & Fareham
26. Leslie Dunwoody, Carlisle People First
27. Pat Finnegan
28. Kerrie Ford, Norah Fry Research Centre
29. Claire Franklin
30. Kate Gascoyne, Home Farm Trust
31. Dan Goodley, University of Sheffield
32. Darren Grant, Choices Advocacy, Southampton
33. Caroline Gray, ACE Centre, Oxford
34. Darren Gunn, Valuing People
35. Carol Harding, Nature Corridors for All
36. Jeremy Hatcher, Connect Advocacy, Gosport & Fareham
37. M. Henry, Nature Corridors for All
38. Caroline Hossack
39. Andrew Jarvis, Romsey & Waterside Day Services
40. Louisa Jones
41. Hazel Lawson, University of Plymouth
42. Hilary Linssen,
43. S. Margeison, support worker
44. Roy McConkey, University of Ulster
45. Duncan Mitchell, Manchester Metropolitan University
46. Dee Molina, City Limits Employment, Southampton
47. Melanine Nind, University of Southampton
48. Chris Nuttall, Bracknell CTPLD
49. Robin Parker, Choices Advocacy, Southampton
50. John Parry, Nature Corridors for All
51. Rebecca Pockney, University of Southampton
52. Paul Rickson, Valuing People
53. Jonty Rix, Open University
54. Clare Royall, Choices Advocacy, Southampton
55. Phillippa Rudge
56. Mark Sabine, Bracknell CTPLD
57. Judith Samuel, Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust
58. Jane Seale, University of Southampton
59. Kieron Sheehy, Open University
60. Ben Simons, University of Exeter
61.Katy Simmons, Open University
62. Mathew Smith, British Institute of Learning Disabilities
63. Keith Smith, British Institute of Learning Disabilities
64. Mark Stephens, British Institute of Learning Disabilities
65. Wayne Taylor, Choices Advocacy, Southampton
66. Amy Tyler, Bracknell CTPLD
67. Ruth Townsley
68. Lou Townson, Carlisle People First
69. Mary Waight, Bracknell CTPLD
70. Jan Walmsley, The Health Foundation
71. Val Williams, Nora Fry Research Centre
72. Sara Wornham

Web links from projects and people involved in the seminar series

Nature Corridors for All:

Skills for Support:

TATE Project (Through Technology to Employment):

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